About us

Merks mājas is a leader in the development of residential housing in Latvia. In our more than 18 years of operation, we’ve proven our competence in the construction of high-quality public and residential buildings. We’ve demonstrated our expertise by building more than 2,200 homes for families throughout Latvia. The projects implemented are our guarantee of quality in words and deeds, and this is also confirmed by local and international industry awards.

In residential housing projects, we are both a developer and a vendor as well as a guarantor. This means that you will have one reliable partner in the process of purchasing an apartment.

High quality

Quality is our priority! We’ve set ourselves the highest quality standards in housing planning and the selection of construction, finishing and utility materials, as well as in engaging architects and specialists. Our projects are implemented by industry professionals with experience, knowledge and exceptional skills, using innovative, safe and long-lasting materials appropriate for Latvia’s climatic conditions and temperature fluctuations. 

By choosing a home in one of our projects, you will have peace of mind about your property for many years to come.


We are honoured that you have chosen to reside in one of our cherished projects, and we will do our best to make every day spent at home carefree – an opportunity to enjoy life’s little moments.

As the project author, developer and vendor, we also take care of providing a guarantee after the building is put into operation. If any defects are discovered after the purchase of the property, we will rectify them ourselves, taking responsibility for our work.

Modern comfort

The buildings and apartments we construct are designed to meet the needs of people today and the technological possibilities of the future. The architectural and design individuality of each project is complemented by solutions that correspond to a high quality of life: well-thought-out energy efficiency, heat and sound insulation technologies, convenient parking lots, children’s playgrounds, storage rooms and common areas, and a recreational environment. All apartments are fully finished.

An inspiring environment

We create a friendly environment that delights the residents of our homes and anyone who happens to pass by them. We take care of the surroundings by creating parks, green and recreation areas, and embankments, which significantly improves the quality of life and inspires. As architects carefully plan our residential projects, we pay special attention to their balanced integration into the environment. 

The housing we offer is located in promising neighbourhoods of Riga, the prestige and value of which will grow in the future.

Exceptional customer service

Buying a property is one of the most important decisions and biggest purchases in life, so we listen and go into the wishes of each client, helping them to evaluate and choose and answering every question at all stages of selecting and purchasing a home.

In residential housing projects, Merks mājas is both a developer and both a vendor and a guarantor. This means that you have one reliable partner in the process of purchasing a home.

Availability of information

We make sure that all the necessary information about our projects is easily accessible and understandable. We create high-quality visualisations and offer a look at the planned finishing solutions, so that during construction you can already understand and appreciate what the buildings and premises will look like in the future and purchase a home as easily as possible.

Long-term vision

Merks mājas residential building projects are created for today with a view to the future. 

The housing we create is a valuable long-term investment – this is evidenced by both the interest of real estate investors and the price dynamics of our projects over the years. 

Living in our projects will make it easy to adapt to future lifestyle trends and technologies, which we are sure will soon enter our daily routine.  

Our portfolio

We’ve proven our expertise by building more than 1,500 homes for families in Latvia. The projects implemented confirm our quality guarantee not only in words, but also in deeds.

Skanstes parks


Apartments with a park in the modern centre of Riga

135 apartments
Grostonas 12, J. Dikmaņa 4, Vesetas 15, Riga
Architects: Birojs T22

Skanstes parks consists of three five to six-storey buildings. All apartments are fully finished and have spacious balconies with sliding windows, allowing them to be converted into separate rooms. The second-floor apartments have a terrace, while the top-floor apartments have a roof terrace with a fabulous panoramic view of Riga. In developing the residential building project, we especially thought about the creation of green zones – on the roof of the first-floor parking lot, residents can enjoy comfortable private terraces of more than 5,100 m2 with benches, children’s playgrounds and a barbecue area. Next to the project, we created a park of more than 21,000 m2 with benches, a children’s playground and an outdoor sports field.

Skanstes parks

Skanstes parks

Skanstes mājas


2015 271 apartments 

Grostonas 17, 19, 21, Riga 

Architects: Arhitektu birojs Arteks, Vilnis Šlars 

Skanstes mājas project has three five to ten-storey buildings. All apartments are fully finished and have balconies; the top-floor apartments have spacious terraces with splendid views. 

The apartments stand out with a modern layout, where each square meter is used efficiently, as well as sustainable, high-grade materials that will retain their value and quality for many years. 

We’ve received recognition for our achievements in promoting access to the environment, creating an inclusive urban milieu and ensuring acoustic comfort in apartment building projects.

Skanstes mājas

Skanstes mājas

Skanstes virsotnes


2012 492 apartments 

Skanstes 29, 29A, Grostonas 25, J. Daliņa 8, Riga 

Architects: KVA Architects Ltd., E. Valdre 

Skanstes virsotnes are four 24-storey residential buildings in Skanste – a place that is often called the Riga of the future. With the development of this project, an underused area near the city centre has been turned into a contemporary environment, becoming one of the most modern parts of central Riga for a dynamic city lifestyle. 

All apartments have balconies or terraces. Residents have access to underground and surface parking as well as children’s playgrounds and recreation areas.

Skanstes virsotnes

Skanstes virsotnes



381 apartments 

Kaivas 29, 31, 33, Riga 

Architects: Projektu birojs Grietēns un Kagainis, Aivars Kagainis 

The Jaunbiķeri quarter has 14 functional buildings on seven hectares of peace, quiet and fresh air. The project is only a 20-minute drive from the centre of Riga. 

In the middle of the quarter, a green area with walking paths has been created in a thriving cluster of pines. A network of paved sidewalks has been laid out between the buildings and six children’s playgrounds have been created. For the convenience of residents, both underground and surface parking lots have been constructed.