8 steps to your new home


Selection & application

Take a look at apartments available in our projects, choose the one most suitable for you and make an online reservation request or an appointment with one of our sales consultants for more information and answers to all additional questions. 

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Apartment reservation

After choosing an apartment, you can make an oral reservation with one of our sales consultants, valid for 5 working days.

After an oral reservation, a purchase agreement must be concluded.
After an oral reservation, a reservation agreement must be concluded. After that, a reservation payment of 15% of the purchase amount must be made within five working days. The purchase amount includes the full transaction, including the purchase of a personal parking space and storage room, if you have chosen this.

Home financing

If you need financing for the purchase of a new home, please find out about possibilities to receive a mortgage loan before signing the reservation agreement. The oral reservation period is intended for such purposes.  We cooperate with AS “SEB banka”, AS “Swedbank”, AS "Citadele banka" and AS “Luminor Bank”, but you can also choose another bank to receive a loan.


Choice of finishing

Finishing solutions are available for projects under construction, which can be selected at no extra charge. 

You also have the possibility to choose one of our additional finishing solutions for your apartment, for which an additional fee will be applied. 

Finishing solutions may be selected up until a specific time in the construction process, which you can find out from the sales consultant or on the website in the relevant project section.  


Onsite apartment inspection and elimination of possible defects

When construction of the project is completed and it’s possible to see all the nuances of the new apartment, you will be able to evaluate it onsite together with our sales consultant. If you identify any defects, our guarantee service will rectify them before the signing of the purchase agreement. 

When the defects are eliminated, we will sign the transfer deed.


Purchase agreement

After the transfer deed is signed, we will start the procedure of concluding the purchase agreement, performing all the necessary documentation, including a visit to a notary and submission of information to the Land Register. 

First, the purchase agreement coordinated with you in advance will be signed. After that, a visit to a notary will be necessary for preparation of a request for confirmation. After payment, which must be made within a week after signing the purchase agreement, the request for confirmation will be submitted to the Land Register. 

The new owner must also pay the office and state fees. 

In the end, the property will be re-registered in your name by making an appropriate entry in the Land Register.


Receipt of keys

After paying the full purchase price and completing all formalities, you will become a full-fledged owner of the apartment! 

You will receive the apartment keys with our best wishes for life in your new home.  



Buildings and facilities have a 5-year guarantee from the moment they are put into operation. 

For interior finishing, we provide a 2-year guarantee from the moment the building is put into operation, if you have purchased an apartment or commercial premises during the construction process, or from the moment of signing the purchase agreement, if you have purchased the property in an already completed building.  

For more information about the Merks mājas guarantee, click here.

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