Merks quality

“When buying a home in a Merks project, you can be sure of your peace of mind for many years to come. As an all-in-one builder, developer, vendor and provider of guaranteed repairs, we will address every issue of quality in construction.”

Quality location

Merks projects are only implemented in places where apartment buyers will be able to obtain a high quality of life – neighbourhoods that are upgraded further to improve your life quality significantly after purchasing the new home.

Quality construction and finishing materials

The construction and finishing materials we use are innovative, safe and of the finest quality. They are durable and suitable for the Latvian climate, temperature fluctuations, etc.

Quality work

We engage top experts to develop projects and carry out construction work – people with experience, knowledge and exceptional skills.

Quality nuances

We pay close attention to nuances such as wall thickness, sound and heat insulation, storage facilities, etc., which makes everyday life in Merks Homes considerably more comfortable than elsewhere.

Looking forward

Merks Homes are compatible with the requirements of the future. You’ll be able to adapt to future trends easily, and future solutions can be readily implemented in your home. We’ve already taken them into account!


In addition to our promise of quality at every stage of a project’s implementation, we also provide a guarantee once the building is in use.

Paldies, pieteikums jaunumiem saņemts!